The healing powers of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

TMS: the effective, non-invasive alternative to improved mental health.

TMS offers a drug free alternative that gives hope to patients who did not respond to other treatments.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treats conditions such as depression and anxiety by stimulating electrical activity in your brain’s nerve cells. It’s a treatment that’s safe, powerful, and pain-free.

While the exact cause of depression and anxiety is not known, the leading scientific theory is that it’s caused by an imbalance of the brain’s neurotransmitters, which are chemical messengers that send signals between brain cells. Specific areas of the brain are known to be underactive. By stimulating these areas via coils embedded within comfortable, ergonomic pads attached to your head, we can improve the brain’s ability to regulate mood.

The TMS process, with roots dating to the 1980s, is safe, surgery-free, FDA approved, requires no sedation, no medications, and allows patients to remain alert during treatment. Today, it’s widely accepted by researchers and clinicians as one of the field’s most effective and patient-centric treatments.

 It can also be applied to conditions that include:
• Chronic depression
• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Parkinson’s disease
• Schizophrenia
• Stroke rehabilitation
• Chronic pain
• Nicotine addiction


TMS Therapy can be an effective treatment for those with depression who have not benefited from antidepressant medication and are currently undergoing therapy with a psychiatrist. 

Treatment is covered by most health insurance plans, including Medicare, VA and Tricare.

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